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Aging Is Not For Weaklings By Lorraine B. Carter

As I encounter hurdles and obstacles, including health occurrences, I hear stories about seniors running in Marathons, climbing mountains, and doing push-ups at the age of 100 years. I realize a recent episode of self-doubt was a bogus excuse to accomplish something without being prepared. I tried to beat myself up for a failure. Then I sat up with exuberance when a thought came to me, “Aging Is Not For Weaklings!”

Life doesn’t stop because you have gained more years in your life. Life starts every day you wake up! A new day to welcome adventure, to overcome pain and disappointments with an exciting “to-do list.” 

To see your God in everything as a reason to go forward and excel in all you undertake. You might not finish a Marathon, but you will always have the satisfaction that you ran in it. You exercised bones and connective ligaments to prepare yourself for the grueling race, you were over sixty, eighty, and even 100, but you pushed forward because you knew, “Aging Is Not for Weaklings!”

You have lived through the death of parents, friends, spouses, even your children. Heartache, heartbreaks, surgery, fading beauty, financial loss, and perhaps a devastating divorce! As your limbs stiffen with the pains of Arthritis, you continue to attend your church, drive to meetings, and socialize. You decide to go for your Master’s Degree, just as your back gives out and you are informed that Diabetes can lead to dementia. You are not about to give up, so you enroll in the local college; you do it because you have discovered, “Aging Is Not For Weaklings!”

You go through times when your finances are ailing, you need money for medicine, steaks would be a treat, but you know you can’t afford them. You wish you could hear from your relatives more often, can’t remember when your children have called, people don’t seem to come around anymore, so you start making a new quilt, you tell yourself, there is plenty to do, and you stop feeling sorry for yourself, because you know, “Aging Is Not For Weaklings!”

Yes, it’s true, “Aging Is Not For Weaklings.”