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Activities & Questions By Dr. Latasha Schraeder

Now that we’ve settled into school identify extracurricular activities, whether at school or another organization. Sports, Lego League, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Bowling, Gardening, cooking, arts & crafts are a few activities to consider. I also encourage you to ask open-ended questions about your children’s school day to get a feel for how it is going and if you need to contact your child’s teacher.

It is important that your children participate in extracurricular activities. This provides them with an opportunity for additional socialization with their peers. Many lifelong friendships are created while participating in extracurricular activities. As a bonus, you will likely meet other parents with similar backgrounds and interests. Participation also allows children to try new things. You never know, one of their activities may lead them down a career path or pique their interest leading to further explanation. Many park districts offer scholarships or discounted registration fees. Often, local libraries offer free activities. Most schools offer many activities outside of the school day. Take advantage!

Instead of asking, “Did you have homework in math today?” Ask, “What did you learn in math today?” By asking open-ended questions you are more likely to get details about the day in place of a “yes” or “no” answer. For instance, your child might respond by saying, “We played a multiplication game and then we did a worksheet. The game was fun, but the worksheet was hard.” This will give you a clue that your child may be struggling in math. Had you not asked an open-ended question, you would not have known math was a struggle. I encourage you to ask open-ended questions often. This will help you provide your student with the necessary support.