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Accountability by BYNUM BOND

breona-and-larry-bynumMarriage takes work and it takes two people to make it work. From our experience, the first two years of marriage were the hardest without a doubt. Even though it was hard, it didn’t necessarily mean it was impossible. During the stormy times, I would go through some of the sermons I use to hear about marriages. I started confessing all kinds of divorce-proof confessions over my marriage. At the time I did not know Proverbs 18:2 (NIV), which says “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Although I did not know this scripture, I knew I wanted so much more in my marriage.

I began to speak the word and nothing but good things over my marriage. Being married, we need to know that we don’t have to look at each other as if we’re enemies; we are on the same team. When we’re going through something with our spouse, we need to be mindful of the words we are speaking to one another and over the marriage.

Many times our family, friends, or social media knows what’s going on before we can come to each other or before we are going to God in prayer with our personal marriage matters. I believe that when many can see beyond the wedding and focus on the true unity of marriage, there will be many more successful marriages. Always remember: nothing happens overnight. We cannot be more committed to be successful to the things of this world like your career, and spend less time on our marriages. Some of our storms can create a new beginning in our marriages, but we have to be mindful while we are going through the storm, to give it all to God.