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About Home Biz By Ken Bradley

Have you ever thought about starting a home business? A business that you can run right from your home to create extra cash flow and a sense of pride of business ownership.

Hello I’m Ken Bradley proprietor of several small home-based businesses and online publisher of the website.

This column is designed to give information on how to start, develop and market a home-based business you might be interested in starting.

A look into the past is a good place to start when you talk about small businesses in America. We did not always have department stores, mega malls, or an online web shopper giant like Amazon.

Before there was urbanization, people lived, survived and relied on one another.

They bartered and traded with each other based on their needs and talents and skills of those who lived within their small networking community.

For example, a hunter might exchange his meats with a farmer for his crops, or a seamstress, a cook, or any other trade that would interchange allowing that community to function. This type of living lasted for quite a long time until urbanization came into existence. It goes back to the early development of this country.

A lesson can be learned from this type of survival.

Black business and Black communities thrived at one time separate from other ethnic communities. They thrived out of necessity due to the various ethnic groups simply not wanting the Black population to enter their establishments. During these years and periods of time when Black business flourished, it was due to our willingness to trust, trade, and buy from each other.

It worked in harder times than what we currently have. It could and can work now. Just like rural trading went out when urbanization came in; Blacks doing business with other Blacks slowed down or stopped when laws were established that allowed the Black population to shop in stores that previously didn’t want the Black dollar.

The Black dollar is very powerful.

Hopefully this column will stir up the entrepreneurial spirit of those who simply need a motivational boost to get started. Hopefully it will also encourage Black consumers to shop and spend money with these Black businesses that currently exit and/or those that get started.

Just like my website with the same name the “About Home Biz” column will be a resource, reference, and referral place to come to for the development of small, home-base and on-line businesses.