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A Renewed Commitment to Yourself – POSTIVE EMPOWERMENT By Katherine Young

Young KatherineWhether you are starting a new school year, a new career, or training for a new certification, trust and believe that everything you have in you is preparing you for the next level in life.

Repeat and share these truths to jumpstart your day and to encourage others to keep on pushing forward, even if it’s a small step. You got this!

1. Hello, Good-lookin’! Let’s have a great day!
2. I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me!
3. I make sound choices because I know there is a cause and effect to everything I do.
4. I believe in my ability to make progress.
5. I choose to learn from my past mistakes and keep moving forward.
6. I am cool, calm, and collected.
7. I choose to learn new information and to strengthen my skills to take me further in life.
8. I choose to stay focused and not allow anyone to get me distracted.
9. I choose to attend class and fully participate being prepared, ready to learn, and ready to share.
10. I AM AWESOME! BELIEVE IT! {Then smile and walk in your own swag when you say this truth.}
11. I am making wiser financial decisions each day to build a legacy of wealth.
12. I choose to live a debt-free life so that I can live a life with more options.
13. I am committed to accepting responsibility for my life.
14. I trust and believe that what God has for me, it is for me and I aim to receive it!
16. I am a WINNER! {Speak it, believe it, and don’t let anyone talk you out of it!}