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A Praying Wife – CHRONICLES OF THE BYNUM BOND By Breona and Larry Bynum

Dear Lord,

bynum20160216I ask that you allow me to model a Godly marriage before my children, in order to give them the model I’ve never had. I pray that you deplete me Lord and allow Your ways, thoughts, and actions to fill me completely to where I run over Lord.

Allow me to control my tongue and my facial expressions. I want to speak edifying words that bring forth growth and not despair, strength and not weakness.

Allow me to be gentle, soft, tender, always loving, and Lord, allow my manners to be meek, cheerful, honoring and pleasing to you Lord. Kill the root of my frustrations, for I realize they are an inner working and not from outer occurrences.

Allow me to contain myself. I pray for restoration and growth TODAY Lord. I receive, believe, and fully accept this journey!!! More importantly God, allow me to be ever constant in what I want and need for this transformation! Give me conviction as never before and give me the courage and grace to act upon it… 

Lord, I pray for the strength in marriages all over the universe. I pray that You call husbands and wives out of the darkness and into the light. We need a new teaching Lord. We need to be informed on the proper order and handling of Godly-ordained marriages. We’re lost and I seek healing and restoration for every marriage, especially those in direct contact with me Lord.

Allow husbands and wives to make marriage the beautiful partnership You intended for it to be. Marriage isn’t a death sentence; it’s a remarkable new beginning and a partnership You intended male and female to enter into.

Allow husband and wife to look at one another in a fresh, clear view that is pleasing to both the heart and the eyes.

Allow the union to be void of any expectations Lord, and to be a strong representation of what You first created with Adam and Eve. Lord, allow wives to be the “help meet” You intended us to be, and allow husbands to respect the gift You’ve presented them and to fully take responsibility for the wife and children. Create in each member a renewed sense of Love, Beauty, Adoration, and Acceptance. Allow us to show the generations to come what a healthy Godly marriage looks like.

All these things I ask from a praying wife.

In Your name I pray,