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A Passion for Giving Promotes A Better Way of Living By Jannise Bush

Mr. Marlon Young Sr., Pastor of Morning Glory Community Church, is the owner of Suiting Up, a new men’s clothing store. Mr. Young was born and raised in Peoria, graduated from Manual High School, and worked for Ameren for 27.5 years.

Mario Young, Marlon Young, Sr. and Marques Smith
Mario Young, Marlon Young, Sr. and Marques Smith. Marlon Young Jr. not pictured

Mr. Young didn’t wake up one day and decide to open a clothing store; he started out buying and giving suits away. He stated he often talked to people who wished they had a suit. It’s no secret that when a man wears a suit, he stands a little taller and feels more confident. So, giving suits away became a part of his charitable ministry. Mr. Young states, “For a lot of years everything I did focused on making sure that the church was taken care of. Often my family went without, but my wife, Linda Kay Young, never complained. We would go to the grocery store and buy food for Share Foods’ baskets—fruits, vegetables, and milk, and deliver them to families.”

Marlon Young, Sr. and grandson Marlon Young III
Marlon Young, Sr. and grandson Marlon Young III

In September 2017, Pastor Young’s wife passed. Her death was a redefining time and a challenge for him.

They talked about opening a store for years, but something always interfered with their plans. “Death makes you think about things differently,” he said. He thought about his own mortality and his legacy. He began thinking about his sons and all he had taught them. “I taught my children how to spend and be charitable but not how to save. Now I want to teach my sons how to make money and save. I want to have something to leave them.”

Pastor Young decided if he could give suits away, he could sell them as well. Passionate about starting his business, he financed it with his own money. Suiting Up had its grand opening on March 3, 2018, as a family-owned business. His sons, Marques Smith and Marlon Jr., are both accomplished musicians. Marques is a pianist and Marlon Jr. is a drummer at their father’s church. Their cousin, Mario Young also lends them a hand in the business. Pastor Young states, “Being family recipients of clothing over the years fostered their appreciation for clothing. They are basically volunteers. My family has always been that way. We help when needed. My oldest brother, Greg, and his wife, JoAnn Young of Popcorn Heaven, helped us get set up for our grand opening. We also help them when needed. My family has also been instrumental in a lot of things that go on within the church.”

What stands out about Suiting Up is that they truly care about people and it is demonstrated by their years of giving. When a customer walks through the doors of the store, the spotlight is on helping them find a suit that is right for them, based on what they want and the occasion. They want you to feel stylish, and up-to-date. Suiting Up offers suits for adults and children, a variety of two-piece and three-piece suits, casual or dressy, skinny or classic, and all the accessories. Their store has a professional staff ready to address your needs and great products at a reasonable price. There is also a secondary business within Suiting Up called Maxine’s Alterations, owned by Maxine Clash. So, there’s the added benefit of buying a suit and having alterations taken care of at the same time.

For every person who reads this article and mentions it, Suiting Up is offering $20 off any purchase of a $100 or more. Suiting Up is located at 4325 N. Sheridan, Suite 10, Peoria, Illinois, 61614, off Lake Street. The hours are 10-6, Tuesday thru Saturday. Pastor Young can be reached at 309-360-4476.