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A Mother’s Love is Unconditional By Lorraine B. Carter

The last thing I heard my mother say when I was six year’s old was, “Here’s some money, you and your brother go and buy yourselves ice cream cones.” I was eighteen before I heard from my mother again and almost twenty-four before I saw her face again.

The topic of Mother touches my heart, bringing forth a complexity of emotions. The depth of my consciousness is tempered with a strong love for my mother. It is like she has always been in my life. Of course, I will never forget the woman who was the surrogate and acted as my mother, teaching, nurturing and loving me. I can smell her Sunday dinner rolls, cakes, and sweet potato pies as she busied herself in the kitchen. She tended my bruises, sprains, and illnesses, but most of all she taught me forgiveness and healed my heart. I can hear her beautiful voice singing Christian songs as she went about her chores. She has long transitioned to everlasting peace, but I will always remember how she mothered me, giving me unconditional love.

Mother is one of the most beautiful words in the English Language. Being a mother carries powerful responsibilities, just because a woman gives birth to a child does not make her a mother. Customarily, we learn how to be a mother from our mother. Our Mother’s are sacred, and will love us no matter how we look, what we have done, or what we turn out to be; her love is unconditional.

Many women who are not biological mothers have adopted, nurtured and loved children as their own. Special praises go out to those women every mother’s day because they are “sheroes” in our society. Their value speaks volumes, and the world could not do without them. Happy Mother’s Day!