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A Holiday to Remember By Michelle Sanders

Michelle Sanders photoWe all like to keep the spirit of the holidays alive and festive for our families. It is gift giving for some, shopping for others, and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. But how do we keep the memories alive of those loved ones who are not with us during the holidays? Here are a couple of ways to keep memories glowing and traditional during this time. One, create a picture gallery of those who have passed or might be too far away to be there for the holiday. Gather holiday photos with your loved one pictured with family and reflect on happy times.

Two, create a memory tree with sayings from your loved one that made you smile, gave wisdom or unique words. Have each family member share their memory and hang it on the memory tree. Date and sign the author who gave you those words. Keep this tradition going and pass it on to future generations.

These are a few suggestions that you can use, but create your own that will keep the memory alive of those you love.

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