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A Fly in the Ointment By Robin Carter

Have you ever had a situation that seems to be going well, and then something happened and threw everything off course?

Robin Carter - Bird's NestWell this could be the case if the American people are not selective in choosing their presidential candidate. We should elect the candidate whom we believe is befitting for the position. It is important to follow the debates in order to be aware of changes and new information provided regarding each candidate.

It’s that time again; politicians are preparing their speeches, their debates and position papers to ready themselves for the “big fight.” I sat watching the Republican presidential debate as each candidate presented their plans to lead our country while pointing out what they believe to be current problems and situations. The rebuttal argument was “on-going” between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio (Senator of Florida-R) and occasionally Ted Cruz (Senator of Texas-R). While Trump boasted about his successful wins and endorsements he pitied Ted for not having any. The other candidates were John Kasich and Ben Carson. Truthfully speaking I thought that each of them had some fairly interesting things to say about themselves and their plans to lead America despite the attacks and unpleasant things they said against each other; but that is what a debate is all about, right? It’s tough to decide which of the two senators did a better job of convincing voters they are a real match for Donald Trump. The people need to be persuaded that our next president is fully equipped and ready to take on the presidential task. Though we need someone who is strong-willed, intelligent, open-minded, presidential and people oriented, we also need someone who is willing to do the right thing for the American people.

Voting for the right presidential leader is a vital part of this election because choosing the “wrong” person could lead to “a fly in the ointment.” Ecclesiastes 10:1 KJV speaks of a situation as small as a fly getting caught in a jar of ointment which can spoil the whole contents. ”This term is used to describe the result of either electing not to vote or the election of an unqualified candidate. If this happens America could take a turn for the worst. President Barack Obama has made some positive changes in America, yet there are still a lot of changes to be made.

Statistics states that 59% of Americans say they’d like a presidential candidate who has been in the public eye as a political leader for many years over one who’s new to the political scene. Further, 59% say they prefer a candidate with executive experience over one who’s worked as a legislator, and 57% say their perfect Obama successor would change most of the policies enacted by President Obama’s administration. By political party, the numbers are not surprising: 94% of Republicans want a candidate who will change most of President Obama’s policies; 77% of Democrats want a candidate who will keep most of President Obama ‘s policies while 22% side with the poll respondents from the GOP. As for me, I’d like a candidate who can keep America the great land in which we live. In doing so we must keep the lid closed tightly on the ointment.