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A Drive Ago By DECB, SR.

How I miss those drives ago

Before the winter brought the snow

There on the roadside, I would sleep

I knew that God would keep

Me safe from harm, as I did dream

The moonlit night, Oh it would beam

And stars would help me find my way

Before the brand new day

Would send the sun to be with me

Oh, how I felt so carefree

Then I would pray, off I’d go

But that was long ago

Now I miss those drives I’d take

T’was there on them I did make

Sense of me who I was

I never drove, just because

For I would drive to see a friend

Someone I knew that might have been

Deeply sick, needing prayer

Most times, I’d drive straight there

And there, I’d put on my best smile

Sit I would, read awhile

From the Bible, I would take

Never would I fake

Loving all this time I spent

For I knew God had sent

Me to tell them what I knew

Did I ever pray with You?

Who would greet this traveling man

Be so kind to take his hand

All because you loved him so

This time long ago.

From Thoughts Out of My Mind