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NAACP To Host the 79th Annual Illinois State Conference of Branches Convention, October 30-November 1, 2015

NAACP To Host the 79th Annual Illinois State Conference of Branches Convention

Donald R Jackson, Sr

Donald R Jackson, Sr

The Peoria Branch NAACP is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year. The Peoria Branch will also be hosting the 79th Convention of the Illinois State NAACP Convention at the Pere Marquette Marriott Hotel. The convention will be held on October 30-November 1, 2015.

Aaron Mair

Aaron Mair


Cornell William Brook

On Friday, October 30, a welcoming ceremony will be held with Mayor Jim Ardis welcoming the branches. State Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth and Senator David Koehler will also be present to welcome the guests. At 6:00 pm there will be a Mass Meeting held. The Convention will be addressed by Mr. Cornell William Brooks, the National President/CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Aaron Mair, the National President of the Sierra Club. The State President, Mr. George Mitchell, will be the moderator of the day on Friday, October, 30, 2015.

Registration for the Convention is $25.00. Cost of the Labor Luncheon and the Youth Luncheon will be $30.00. The Branch anticipates having Governor Bruce Rauner or one of his top aides at the Convention to address the issues of the State of Illinois.

On Saturday, October 31, the Annual Freedom Fund Banquet will be held. Emanuel Cleaver, II, the U.S. Representative for Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District, will be the keynote speaker. Social hour begins at 6:30 pm and the dinner will start at 7:00 pm. Freedom Fund tickets are $60.00 each and $600.00 for a table. You can purchase tickets by calling (309) 637-1010, contacting Ms. Jean Polk at (309)692-1477, or Ernestine Jackson at (309) 530-6253.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-Missouri)_v1

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-Missouri)

“It is amazing that we have been on this journey for such a long time. Everyone in Peoria as NAACP supporters has been by our side and we thank you for your support in this struggle. It is still a struggle because we are still fighting some of the same issues that our past presidents Mr. Harry Sephus, Mr. John Gwynn, Jr. and other leaders fought. We have to remember that Freedom is not Free, and the fight continues. The NAACP continues to fight for equal employment in the trades, in businesses and yes, within the City and County. The NAACP is the oldest and largest nonpartisan Civil Rights Organization in the nation. We are still here because we fight for the rights of all people. We fight for the rights of all people so that we don’t have to revisit the dark days of the past,” says Don Jackson, President of the Peoria Branch.

The theme for this year’s Convention is “Pursuing Liberty in the Face of Justice.” When asked: What is the difference between a moment and a movement? It is clearly SACRIFICE. Many have sacrificed their bodies and their lives for the fight for justice. Members of the NAACP seek your help in this struggle for liberty and justice and invite you to attend the NAACP State Convention to be held on October 30 – November 1 at the Marriott Pere Marquette Hotel.