The Illusion of Freedom By Mark Lampkin

There is nothing that incites the passions and wrath of the citizens of these yet-to-be united states, than the illusion that our freedoms are at risk of being taken away. And in reality, most Americans are less free today than previous generations. Consider a few things that we have witnessed over the past few decades:

  • Cameras installed at various intersections to catch drivers who run through a red light, are now “surveillance cameras” used for anything that law enforcement deems necessary
  • Many parks and areas of nature that used to be free are now “fee-based”
  • Local sports leagues for kids that were once financed by city/park district revenues are now “fee-based” and have had the effect of minimizing the involvement of many children/families who cannot afford the exorbitant costs to play a GAME.
  • Try leaving, or entering, the country without proper documentation
  • Refuse to repay your student loans
  • And the BIG ONE: Try not paying taxes to the Federal government

The United States of America has long considered herself to be the bastion of freedom and the standard by which all nations and civilizations should be compared. Don’t believe me? Just read any history book, in any educational system from elementary through high school curriculum, and you will be convinced. The story has traditionally been shaped with the USA as the One. Well, you might have to hurry…because more state educational systems are following the lead of Florida and Texas in banning lots of new, and controversial, books.

They seem to have figured it out. If they can reframe the truth that is shared with people, in particular, children of a certain ethnicity, they then can keep them ignorant. And ignorant people are both gullible to charlatans, and easily swayed by authoritarian madmen. Men who will do anything to seize power and, when threatened by forces to be removed, maintain their place on the top. There’s a reason the story of the chase is never told by the gazelle.

If we of this Nation are really committed to live by a “higher moral code”, and thus, have the examples and proof of a society that “is just and fair,” then we better begin right now.

Freedom to vote MUST be a right for everyone and not a privilege of the “rules makers.”

Freedom to protest without fear of being beaten, or worse, MUST be allowed. Isn’t that a constitutional directive?

Freedom to not be burdened by predatory lenders who will give an 18-year-old college student a $35,000 loan for school, but not for a business.

Freedom to have a health care system that is not tied to where you are paid for your knowledge, skills and labor as an employee.

Freedom to practice the religion of your choice…or not at all. There is nothing more hypocritical in this Nation than for evangelical Christians to demand that we all must adhere to their doctrine and beliefs.

Freedom to choose, as a woman, whether or not to give birth to a human being. Men, we can only have opinions about this matter, and no real moral ground to stand on since we are not the ones who The Creator trusted with a womb.

The political landscape today is like a field of beautiful land that is strewed with hidden land mines. Step out of line, and into territory that is being “protected from change”, and you risk being trolled online, undermined and silenced. Fear is the bully club of those in power.

Yet, our ancestors dealt with all of that and the specter of being murdered. Their courage paved the way for us to be here…it is now our responsibility to “straighten our backs” and stand firm against those who would seek to return us to the back of the bus.

Our Freedom, and the price paid to have it, is NOT an illusion.