Speak Blessings Over Yourself By Katherine Young

Bishop Harold Dawson, Jr. used to say that “anytime you hear a lie and believe it, you enact a lie.” We live in a world today where people do not take the time to FACT CHECK information; whatever they hear, they basically believe without much consideration. Is this how you speak over your life as well? Whatever someone says about you, is that the truth?

In the book, Praise While You’re Pregnant, author Katherine A. Young encourages you to speak LIFE and not DEATH over your life in all circumstances (reference Proverbs 18:21). You must believe the good things about who you are as a person, regardless of your past life experiences. As far as your flaws, accept them as lessons learned, but do not harp on them. Most importantly, you must know who you are as an individual and not put much stock in what others believe about you, because at the end of the day, their ideas are just opinions.

Research shows from the article, “What is the Negativity Bias” (April 2020), that we gravitate more towards negative ideas versus positive ideas (www.verywellmind.com). It’s as though our minds are hardwired to focus more on the negative and forget about the positive. Remember the song that says we have to “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative?”

We must be intentional each day to examine who we are and speak blessings over ourselves. The positivity is what strengthens you during hardships. The good will help propel you forward versus you feeling stuck in your emotions. So, the next time you are reflecting only on the negative, take the time to speak out of your mouth out loud at least three positive things. You possess greatness and you need to believe it every day.

*Book referenced by Katherine A Young’s book Praise While You’re Pregnant can be found at http://www.katherineayoung.com.