Don’t Get Caught Up in The Snare of a Fowler By Robin Carter

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or see the word “fowler?” Do you think of a person, a bird, or a certain thing?” A fowler is a bird catcher that uses traps and snares to catch birds. He will cast down a net or trap in locations where birds are sure to land, such as trees and where water lies. He hides in hopes of evading the detection of his prey. His plan is to catch his victims unexpectedly; this way, he has a better chance of striking and killing them with one heavy blow.

Satan’s operation is very similar to this one; his job is to lure God’s people into his traps and dark places while shadowing and blurring their visions. You may find yourself in a place where you feel that the Lord has taken His protection away from you or forsaken you. This is how he wants us to feel. But don’t give up. Keep trusting and believing. Keep fighting even though it may seem dark, but the light will shine bright again soon. Satan loves causing us to stumble or become wavered in our faith; his job is to kill, steal and destroy. But God can deliver us from the snares of the enemy.

We must take cover and find refuge in the Most High. Psalm 91:3 tells us that God will protect us from both the natural and man-made threats in life. He will deliver us from the entrapment of the evildoers and safeguard us against the devil’s destruction plagues. The Psalmist sounds persuasive in his knowledge and experience in God’s protection plan as he speaks with confidence. So, as we go about our daily life, we need to pray and thank God for His Hand of protection over our families and our own lives; thank Him for His goodness and unmerited favor for us. Fear not the fowler’s snares or noisome pestilence, for God is always present.