Watching Ukraine By Lorraine B. Carter

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It is the second-largest country in Europe after Russia, which borders to the East and North East. I am drawn to it not only because it has a portion of my name in its spelling, but because its sovereignty has been ignored and disrespected. If this has happened there, it could happen anywhere, anytime a dictator chooses to invade a country. 

As an American, I have been taught the sanctity of sovereignty. The Pledge of Allegiance comes to mind.  We pledge allegiance to the flag of our country, and every time I stand and say it my patriotism swells up in my bosom. I know at that time I would fight to save the sovereignty of the United States of America!

The Ukrainian people and people all over the world are deeply troubled over the invasion of Russian troops on Ukraine. We all know why we are troubled… because it could happen to us! I used to have nightmares of war in America, my city, and I would awake in my comfortable bed, in my warm and happy home, believing all was well, that my nightmare was ridiculous and self-assured it would never happen in America. I think the people in Ukraine might have thought their country was secure and their homes would never be bombed or attacked by missiles. They never thought their children would die in schools and in hospitals or on the streets running for their lives. None of us had those thoughts since World War 2.

I remember the drills in school during the forties and fifties, but we didn’t really think we would be invaded. Today, I am not so sure. We could be invaded through technological means. Ways the average citizen has no knowledge of. Of course, we hold on to our faith to protect us from unseen dangers, but the question remains; what to do in case of an invasion right here in our beloved country.

What would we do, and where would we go? When was the last time you were advised how to take care of yourself during an attack on our Nation! It is something to think about as we watch the horror happening to the people of Ukraine!