Waiting for Her Blessing By Cassiette West-Williams

Lonna Beasley
Misty and Lonna Beasley

Misty and Lonna Beasley are being patient and waiting for a blessing to unfold. As Christians, they trust and believe that the Lord will unfold a pure heart for Lonna’s body as they carry on with their daily duties at Roosevelt Magnet School.

“My baby is so strong, and she helps me,” said Misty, the mother of pre-teen, Lonna. ” I have been so blessed to have her with me at Roosevelt School. We are in the same building, where so many people are looking out for her health. The nurse pays close attention to her, and so are many other people,” she said. Misty and Lonna love Roosevelt because they have invested finances, friendship, and professional expertise into one of their own students.

Misty said that she could not find a better fit between substitute teaching and observing Lonna’s academic climb as a seventh-grader. Lonna, who was born with a defective heart, is receiving medical treatments for her condition from The Children’s Hospital of St. Louis.

Last month, many saw Roosevelt School cheer Lonna on during an in-house Hoops with Heart basketball scrimmage event where more than 300 students paid $3 to attend. The school and the mother/daughter duo were featured in a news story on local television stations and Chicago’s WGN, where balloons flew high, and young people celebrated one of their own as they wait for a heart transplant for the Peoria scholar. Misty said that they had medical appointments for tests and medical procedures and would have to return for a non-surgical organ procedure at the end of the month. These frequent trips have become normal for the family so that Lonna can receive top medical care. Those trips require hefty traveling expenses.

And although Mama Misty enjoys working as a substitute teacher, the position does not reap benefits, such as paid time off when the school is closed or other perks. “Yes, I am grateful for so many people helping us travel to the hospital, but it takes so much for us to do this throughout the year. That is why we use patience and pray that God will continue to supply for her situation. We do not have the option to remain locally because the children’s specialists are in St. Louis,” said Misty.

“She has several new meds and a heart freezing medicine. We are waiting on those meds to come and other non-surgical procedures. These things keep Lonna’s spirits positive and hopeful,” said her Mom.

Misty does not know what to expect in the future, as she has watched her daughter endure six open-heart surgeries and feeding tubes. “We are grateful for every single donation. People have showered my baby with so much, which helps her hang on longer, and that is so important, said Misty. The donations paid for the hotel room, food on the road, gas, car maintenance, and incidentals.

For those wishing to donate, one can find Misty’s GoFundMeAccount on her Facebook page or contact her by email at misty.beasley@psd150.org.