In the Blink of an Eye By Lorraine B. Carter

Ukraine is under the horrific stress of war, as I sit painting!  I wonder what I would do if I were to wake up with missiles exploding all around my house and sirens blaring in the distance.  Where would I go?  To the basement?  To my Church? To the nearest Civil Defense Station?  To find my family?  What to do?

I have had dreams that our city was under attack when I was a youngster and all I could do was run and hide under the front porch.  Imagine what the people of Ukraine were thinking when they woke up to bombs exploding in their neighborhoods.  One might say, it will never happen here, but I bet someone thought it would never happen in Ukraine!

I have seen a lot of things I never thought I would see, so we must not get complacent.  Life can change in the blinking of an eye, so love each other. One day, you might have to ask someone for a place to sleep and a crust of bread!  God Bless!