Trees With Strong Roots Can Withstand Many Storms – Are You that Tree? By Robin Carter

A tree rooted deeply in soil has a greater survival rate during heavy winds and storms without toppling to the ground. Its strong roots also help prevent soil erosion in areas prone to floods. These roots of strong trees grow continuously and may last throughout the tree’s lifespan. They expand deeply into rich soil while searching for water and nutrients necessary for the tree to survive and remain strong. A tree may be unable to develop a deep root system in areas where the soil is compacted, yet the weakness of the root growth may cause the tree to be unstable.

Now let’s look at the subject from a Biblical perspective. The 13th Chapter of Matthew speaks about a man who went out to sow grain. In this message, the man represents God and the seeds His message/Word. Unfortunately, the man was not successful in planting all the seeds. Some of them fell along the path, and some birds flew down and ate them. In this case, the birds represent Satan, and the seeds lying along the path represent people who hear the message but do not sustain it. Other seeds fell among thorns and were choked up and did not survive; this represents the thorns of life that choke up the messages of God. His Word goes forth, but our concern for riches or fame, our worries about life, and other mishaps cause the plants of life to die. The seeds that fell on the good soil were not destroyed; they were rooted deeply and produced corn. The good soil in this message represents the people who hear the message/Word of God and apply it to their daily lives. These people with strong faith remain dedicated to their Christian lifestyles even when things are difficult because they are rooted in the good soil. Just as the planted seeds start to grow, the Word of God starts to deepen and grow within an individual. It is totally up to us which seed we choose to become.

It is my belief that each of us would like to be considered as someone who is strong. The question is, though, can we withstand the pressure that comes with it? When storm clouds rise, and strong winds blow in our lives, how deep are your roots? Is your faith strong? Someone once said, “trees with strong roots laugh at storms.” Are you that tree?