Speaking By Lorraine B. Carter

Speaking is easy to do, but with some people, it seems as painful as pulling teeth. They seem never to see you, or perhaps they have something pressing on their mind.  There must be a reason, but you will never figure it out; only God knows why someone doesn’t speak to you.  Don’t get upset, just remain your beautiful self!

I love to see happy faces explode on perfect strangers when I speak.  You never know what a person is going through, and a happy hello might bring a little sunshine into their life.

It doesn’t cost a thing to speak to another person.  Speak when you feel comfortable doing so and when it is appropriate, but most times, it will be welcomed.

While visiting a luxury hotel in one of our large cities, as I was washing my hands in the Ladies’ room, a person entered the room with the friendliest smile spreading across her face as she spoke to me.  Her beauty radiated with inner happiness as I returned a happy smile.  When I left the plush room, I told my waiting friend I had just spoken to and recognized a famous movie star and how flattered I was that she had spoken.  The next day I was watching the news on television and there the happy lady was.  The reason she was being highlighted wasn’t very good, and a lot of negative things were being said about her as she answered with bubbly smiles and laughter.  I remembered her friendly speaking to me, and I became a fan! Later I read she had died of an accidental overdose of medication.  It was a sad day for me.  Just speaking to a perfect stranger was part of her real personality and probably hid the pain she was feeling at the moment.

It can never hurt to speak to someone; speaking is a gift we have as humans, to let a person know we are peaceful without saying it and harmless without explaining it. 

Humans are vulnerable as a ” Blade of Grass,” our lives are not promised and can end at any time. Speaking to someone can make life a little happier and bearable.  Speaking is a good thing and a Blessing to be able to do so.