Please Get Vaccinated! I Did! By Jordan-Amman I. West-Williams

I could not wait to get my first COVID shot! Why? Because I want to be safe! I want to be alive! I want to enjoy my life!

COVID is killing people in my neighborhood and family. I feel sorry about all of the people I have lost. But I am not going to join them.

I do have a lot to live for right now. The friends that I do have, have not been vaccinated, so I want them to know that it is good to be healthy. And they do not have to be afraid of anything.

We went to Roseland Community Hospital because that is where my Nana got her shots and booster from. She was brave and waited in line for a long time. We just walked in, and Nana filled out some papers. I wanted my aunt to come downstairs, so we called her, and she came to help me! I thought Aunt Joy was going to give me the shot, but a lady named Miss Kayla helped me. Aunt Joy cares for me, so she stayed the entire time. She works at Roseland as a doctor.

I thought that the shot would hurt, but Miss Kayla put the needle in so fast that I did not even know that she was done. It did not even hurt my arm, but the needle was long. I watched her put it in, and she was done, just like that, in two seconds. Then my Aunt Joy started taking pictures and was so happy that I was not afraid.

I plan to win my science fair contest, play basketball, and play my drums. I don’t like being sick. Now my mother, Nana, and I are all the same with our shots! I had a Subway sandwich for lunch and went back to school for afternoon classes. That shot did not even hurt. And there was nothing to cry about, so I did not look like a big baby. The shot did make me a little sleepy.

I kept my band-aid on for a few days, but Nana made me take it off on Sunday. I am glad that I am safer now that I have had my first shot. I will get my second shot after Thanksgiving break. My family has all

had the Pfizer vaccine. Thanks, Aunt Joy for loving me!