Contractors Elonda Whitfield & Renee Moss Of Concrete to Perfection, LLC By Doris Symonds, Teaching & Learning for Knowledge

Elonda Whitfield is the owner of Concrete to Perfection, LLC and a veteran of the United States Army. She grew up in a family environment of construction work. As a young girl, she watched her dad repair, paint, demolish, design, and help others with residential projects. As a young woman, little did she realize how her dad’s fixer-up knowledge, experience and skills would benefit her. She absolutely loves sanding, staining, painting decks, epoxy floor covering, repairing wet basements, and knocking down walls.

While serving in the United States Army, Whitfield was honored and achieved several medals: Army Achievement, Army Commendation, National Defense, and Southwest Asia. She attended Lincoln College and received an associate in arts degree. She is a certified paralegal from Illinois Central College. She was employed by Archer Daniels Midland Company for 13 years. She served as vice-president and president of the union. She became a certified bobcat and forklift operator.

In March 2015, Whitfield changed the company business structure from a sole proprietor to a limited liability company (LLC). The initial mission of Concrete to Perfection, LLC was to provide professional services in designing, repairing, and protecting concrete.

Renee Moss joined Concrete to Perfection in 2013 and assumed the position of president. Whitfield and Moss have taken many classes together to become project certified to enhance their skills and knowledge in design work, interior painting, and cleaning and coloring concrete. Moss stated, “I will always be a life-long learner for residential and commercial work.”

They communicate well with one another to discuss customer contracts, proposals, pricing, scheduling, customer follow-ups, and equipment for a job.

Moss graduated from Illinois Central College Truck Driver Training program and became employed as a licensed truck driver for eight years prior to working at Caterpillar. Currently, she is employed by Caterpillar in Decatur, Illinois assembling and building large wheel loaders. She shares her time on weekends to assist Whitfield with residential projects. As a young girl, she was known for repairing or tinkering with many objects. She states that she can fix most plumbing hiccups as a woman. Moss stated that her father was a construction worker and a truck driver. He also helped to build the 474 interstate. She felt that his hard-working traits, knowledge, and construction skills were passed on to her. She chose to work in the related industry as her father.

Both women have an expertise working with concrete coating applications. One coating, in particular, is the epoxy coating, in which they are highly skilled in the application process. Both agree that epoxy coating looks elegant and smooth, plus customers can select the color and design they prefer. Epoxy makes it possible for concrete floors to look very attractive. Epoxy coatings are the finishing touch of choice for countless home and business owners who want to spruce up their concrete. Maybe it’s time for everyone to consider an epoxy coating for their garage concrete floor. They gladly accept projects for schools, dealerships, businesses, home garages, etc.

Whitfield and Moss stated that they would love to offer service contracts to the Peoria Civic Center (Hall of Fame floor) and procure new commercial and residential developments.

Whitfield and Moss stated that women should love what they do, learn the ins and outs of business, select a good mentor in the field, view industry videos, attend conferences, be proud of their work, and pay attention to work details. One contract they really enjoyed was with Pleasant Hill School because the metallic floor results came out beautifully. The staff took great care of them, and the children asked great questions about the floor coating.

Whitfield’s experience and skills have been developed from performing jobs mostly in the residential area: preparing walkways, driveways, steps, sidewalks, decks, patios and porches.

Women will face challenges, stated Moss. However, women must convince customers that they are qualified, certified and experienced. Women must learn how to quote a project, be confident in knowing if they can’t afford to accept a project, and rightfully make a move on to help other customers.

Moss states the following advice: women in construction are to be confident to address hiccups in this line of business; speak up and not settle for less when they are very qualified for the projects; be prompt, professional, and arrive on time; maintain excellent follow-up habits; keep good records; use excellent products for customers, and set reasonable pricing structures.

Whitfield and Moss are certified with eight years of experience as installers of coating epoxy flooring. They both enjoy preparing and repairing concrete cracks in the walkway, driveway, sidewalks, or garage floors. “We appreciate the opportunity to provide a free quote to those interested in residential or commercial projects. We are willing to train and teach others to work within our company,” said the women.

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