THE BIRD’S NEST – Don’t Ask For The Moon – Seek God By Robin Carter

The phrase “ask for the Moon” is a figure of speech often used when conveying an emotion or idea. Asking for the moon means asking for something that is impossible to obtain, for no one can give it to you. Obviously, no one owns the moon, and no one can possess it.

I am sure that each of us has been in a place where we feel like we have reached our limits. Perhaps you feel you have gone as far as education allows, or a doctor’s report indicates that they have done all that they can for you, or you’ve lost several family members back to back within the last couple of months. It’s easy to settle where you are and think that things are taking a turn for the worst, but the good news is that we are not alone. Jesus said that He will not leave us nor forsake us, and He means just that as long as we are rooted in the house of the Lord, whether it’s your own house or the church. You are positioned under the open windows of Heaven. Just keep trusting and believing in the Lord and expecting good things to happen. God will rain down favor and good breaks, creativity and abundance on your life. When we struggle or are hurting, God knows it. He sees us and feels our pain. He is “all-seeing and “all-knowing.” He is omnipresence. He’s the Almighty. Nothing takes Him by surprise, whether it is good or bad. So remember that no matter how difficult your situation may seem, just be grateful and thankful to God for life.

I am reminded of the story of Job in the Bible. Now Job was a good man who loved God dearly, but God allowed Satan to put Job’s faith to the test by causing him to suffer a lot. First, he loses all his livestock, all of his servants and all his children. Needless to say, Job was devastated but yet remained faithful unto God. The story ends with Job receiving his wealth back several folds while having another ten children, and God spared his life for another one-hundred and forty years.

My friend, my brother, my sister– whatever you’re going through, trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to your own understanding and the Lord will see you through. Don’t ask for the moon; seek God instead …