A Mother’s Cry By Erica Miller

The more I think about it, the more I realize how much of a challenge our young men have in society. A black man without an education falls through the cracks. Our young men are already convicted by name alone, convicted from their fathers’ wrongdoing. Once convicted, they do not have a fighting chance. Prejudice sets in. A chance is not given. We will never know what or who they will be or even go in life because the opportunity isn’t there. This alone lands them to the streets. How can a gift that has been given to us be taken away from us so viciously?

As a mother, I have cried. I have pleaded on begging knees to please spare us mothers the agony of having to bury another falling star. We must speak out. We have got to find more for our young Kings. Please give them the opportunity no matter of age, color, or bloodline, for they are one of a kind. I pray for better. When you know better, you do better. Keep our young men protected and shielded.

Listen to my pleas, listen to a Mother’s Cry:

My heart has been troubled by the senseless killings we have endured. As a mother, I look forward to my Young King’s prosperity. I have shown him right, and the streets show wrong.

Judge me not for who are you to pass judgment upon me?

Every moment there is a mother in sorrow.

Another young man has been stripped from us. We are being robbed. We are left traumatized.

The streets we walk upon are not the streets we grew up on.

I ask wholeheartedly for Peace. I was told to ask, and I shall receive.

It will take more than just me to make this request visible to mankind.

Protect our sons. Protect our young Kings as the streets violate them.

Tomorrow is not promising.

Love is patient; love is kind

Love is not jealous nor envied

Cast the hate away. Let’s practice love

Let our young Kings live another Day…