THE BIRD’S NEST By Robin Carter – Dreamers Dream but Confidence Excels

“So as a man thinketh, so is he.” This statement is derived from the Bible verse in the Book of Proverbs Chapter 23:7. It is all about the power of thought and belief in self. Every man/woman holds the key to every situation in their lives, whether good or bad. We do this by thinking intelligently while remaining open-minded to our thought process. Using this tool, we learn to transform unpleasing circumstances and situations; as a result, they will appear different than before, difficult tasks and things in life become more doable. We must focus on our self-power within and how to rightly transfer our good thoughts. Having positive role models and good mentors also add to our growth stages.

Diane Hines, Victor Solomon, and Robin Carter
Explosive Gems/Teens Speaking Out/Teens Stepping Out (TSO) Awards Ceremony

As a young teen Victor Solomon took interest in an after-school program entitled, TSO (Teens Speaking Out, Teens Stepping Out). This program is conducted by Peoria’s Community & Children’s Advocate & District #150’s Teacher, Diane Hines who spends countless hours during and after school with children. In this program children are taught respect, positive self-esteem, confidence and how to become leaders in their endeavors. Victor Solomon was a dedicated student/participant of the TSO & Steppers Team led by Mrs. Hines. He graduated from Peoria High School where he sang in the school chorus choir. He also sang in his church choir. Victor was raised by his mother, he has three siblings, two sisters and one brother.

After graduating high school, he went on to college at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. During his time in college, he connected with the World’s most renowned talent show, “The Voice.” Victor teamed up with Song Artist & Voice Coach John Legend and became one of the first persons to turn John’s chair while singing the coach’s own song entitled “Glory.” Solomon made it all the way to the top 9 picks and gained a chance to win the final. Though many of his followers voted for him, unfortunately he did not win in the finals but was given a grand opportunity to reveal his talent to the world. Victor is no doubt one of the most memorable artist from “The Voice” Season 20. I recently attended a wedding in Chicago where he was a special guest. He sang a wonderful song at the reception as well. Later in June 2021 Victor was asked to help hand out trophies to the current TSO/Teams, he agreed. He was able to speak to the children regarding life events and give them some insights and encouragement on the importance of staying focused in life. In addition, he performed at a Peoria Chief’s game here in Peoria in June.

What I love most about Victor is his warm welcoming smile–he’s very polite, and humble in spirit, not to mention that he sings really well. He never meets a stranger and is always willing to give a helping hand to others. I must say that his mother raised a remarkable yet handsome young man and I am very proud of him. With a personality and confidence such as his, he will travel far.