“Back” to School By Dr. Latasha Schraeder

Students across the country are returning to school throughout the next month. For some, this will be the first time they’ve entered a school building in seventeen months. Many have been learning virtually for that period of time. While we return to normalcy, it is important to keep in mind that it will take time for everyone, teachers and students, to get reacquainted and back into a routine. But, “normal” will return much faster than you think. Remember, children are resilient. The return to “normal” will likely be more difficult for the adults!

One of the goals of the first quarter of school will be to recoup math and reading skills that were lost during the pandemic due to regression. The state board of education has identified the learning standards that should be made a priority. This will help guide teachers’ decisions about which skills are most important to be addressed during class time.

Remember, the pandemic has affected everyone. Your children will catch up! New skills will be taught. Teachers will be understanding and patient. Children will be ready to learn. We are all eager to return to business as usual. Most importantly: students will experience academic success! I wish you all a positive, healthy, and successful school year.