My Eyes on Summer’s Eve By DECB, SR.

As it folds up, I watch it leave
The setting sun through summer trees
So gentle is this evening now
I do my best to squeeze

This lovely stillness which abounds
About my soul, which does now pray
And thank my Abba for this time
This latter part of day

I know no thing which stirs my being
Those summer eves that’s flown by me
Now come to mind as I look out
And think on what I see

As prayers go deep to touch its pit
My soul makes music as I sit
And wonder why this time too 
Won’t last but will so quit

And then like eves which went away
I run to write down what I’ve seen
About this summer eve gone too
Yet, left with me this dream

A dream that gives me so much peace
So how and why should I cease
To watch the summer sun, go down
Where I will sit and feast.

From Thoughts Out of My Mind
July 2002