Disappearing Angels By Robin Carter

I rushed into the store to obtain one last item before finishing my scheduled sewing project. Upon entering a “full-service checkout lane which was available, I said to myself, “how good can this be?” I proceeded to place my item on the conveyor when I heard someone approaching me, saying, wait, please wait! Please allow me to take the shorter lane. An elderly man operating a motorized wheelchair was hurrying in my direction. He had a small basket attached to one arm of his chair and in it contained a few items. Without hesitation, I said, “after you, Sir.” He pulled right up to the counter. But I noticed he was not unloading his items yet. Instead, he strikes up a conversation with me. “Thank you, young lady, he said; I wish there were more people in this world as nice as you.” It was the least I could do, I replied. He went on to ask me if I would believe that he was married for just three days. My first thought was, oh my—this is going to be a long one. Three days, I thought to myself, how does this happen? I mustered up enough courage to ask him how was it that his marriage ended so abruptly. He stated that his Bride disappeared after just three days of marriage with no explanation and never returned. The story is getting more interesting at this point. He added that a few years passed without seeing or hearing from his wife at all. Tears started to form in his eyes at this time–and I was starting to feel sad myself. After four long years of separation, the father of Bob’s (this was the stranger’s name) Bride contacted him to say that he knew where his daughter was. It turns out she was in a hospital in another city battling cancer. The Dad told Bob that his wife left him because she could not go through with the marriage, knowing that she was so ill and couldn’t bring herself to tell him about it. She felt it to be unfair to stay in the relationship knowing she was so sick.

Nevertheless, the father-in-law was able to convince Bob to go to the hospital and claim his wife. He did. Bob says that he and his wife got back together and never mentioned a word to her about her disappearing without a trace. Let me remind you that we were standing in the checkout line during this entire conversation. The lane was “still empty,” and no one even attempted to interrupt our talks.

Finally, Bob started removing items from his basket onto the conveyor. I helped him; he thanked me. After purchasing his items, Bob drove away. I watched him as he was approaching the front door. I quickly paid for my one item and hurried to see how Bob was getting home. Actually, I wanted to see his wife. So, I hurried to the front door. I looked left, I looked right, heck I even looked around the corner of the building—still no Bob. I scanned the parking lot for cars that may have been pulling away…no Bob. How can that be, I asked myself? It took me less than three minutes to complete my purchase, and he was nowhere in sight. I guess Angels do appear long enough to deliver their messages, then disappear.