The Need for Greater Faith By Minister Jorell Glass

Recently I peered out my window, noticing a wilted, petrified American flag half-staffed. This phenomena is usually reserved for times of mourning. Having served in the United States Military, I found myself paying attention to our nation’s flag. When our flag flies high, It’s an indicator of the nation’s overall morale. The realization of our nation perpetually mourning is sobering.

Millions have died, millions have lost loved ones. The uneasiness of coping with a microscopic bioterrorist named Covid-19 has created an environment of anxiety and apprehension. As a nation, we are abounding in technological advances but stumbling to control a virus. We’re traveling to the ends of the earth, exploring the depths of Sea and Space, creating Artificial Intelligence but struggling to eradicate a virus. Overnight, the world as we’ve known it changed. Consumption patterns, Social Interaction – changed. We went from handshakes to fist bumps overnight.

An assumption and hope of humanity growing more compassionate is quickly doused with the latest trending stories. In a time of global crisis, you’d think we’d find a sense of common ground. Instead, it appears things have grown worse. The schisms have entrenched themselves all the more. Community has taken a back seat to tribalism and nationalism. With our advancements, we are still wrestling with old demons.

The year is 2021. Let that sink in. We’re still trying to pass an anti-lynching bill. It’s 2021, and we’re still discussing voter suppression.

The trial of the decade. Dereck Chauvin (Minneapolis Police Officer) on trial for the murder of George Floyd (a Black Man). The question arises, Who’s really on trial?

As a Believer encased in black skin, born in America, the complexity of challenges is doubly exhausting. The struggle of forging in an environment where there are generalizations of an entire faith. The Christian belief system has been indicted for the most diabolical transgressions against humanity. Christianity is known as the “White man’s religion.” So, we’re simultaneously defending the Gospel while sharing the Gospel.

So, where is Faith in all of this? There’s an old saying, “faith that’s not tested is a faith that cannot be trusted.” The irony of Faith is that oftentimes, the only way it’s revealed is in times of adversity. The early church was forged in hard times. There’s nothing new under the sun, so how do we adjust our Faith for times as these?

Here are three points to encourage your faith. First, look at history. History is a story of what has been. It’s also a catalog of God’s handiwork. David mentioned, “I was young, and now I am old, I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken.” Pandemics have happened before. Racism and inequality have happened before. By glancing at history, we are encouraged to see resolution in the harshest conditions. Secondly, immerse yourself in positivity. It’s imperative to be knowledgeable of current affairs, but it’s all the more important to be connected. Jesus said, “He is the vine we are the branches, outside of him there is no life.” Thirdly, upgrade! Your faith is relevant today. The notion of an antiquated faith just isn’t true. The Word is still relevant.

In closing, you were made for times such as these. The story of Job encourages us to believe through hardship, calamity, and heartache. Ultimately Job receives double for his trouble. Your trials aren’t designed to break you but to make you.