Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program Home Efficiency Income Qualified Offering for Residential Customers By Angie Ostaszewski, MBA, Advisor, Ameren Illinois

Ameren Illinois is committed to helping customers find ways to improve comfort, manage usage, and reduce costs now and for years to come. Staying home more and traveling less has caused energy usage in homes to increase, especially in homes not as efficient as they can be. The average home spends over $2,000 a year on energy costs, with the majority of costs going towards heating and cooling. The Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program is here to help! We’re offering Instant Savers Assessments to qualifying residential customers which will improve the comfort of your home, and help you save energy and money.

An Instant Savers Assessment identifies ways to bring your home’s energy efficiency up to its highest potential and reduce energy costs. This FREE offering is available to income qualified individuals across the Ameren Illinois service territory.Benefits of an Instant Savers Assessment include:

  • Decreased Energy Usage — understand how much energy your home is using and what equipment is using the most
  • Improved Health and Safety — uncover hidden problems that could be wasting energy and making your home unsafe, like poorly insulated walls and improper ventilation
  • Increased Savings — identify improvements to help determine where your dollars would be best spent
  • Free Energy-Saving Products — during the assessment, we install free, energy-efficient products in your home

How does an Instant Savers Assessment work?

An Ameren Illinois Program Ally Contractor will conduct an Energy Assessment of your home. The Program Ally Contractor will inspect your home for energy-saving opportunities and common health and safety improvements. This includes insulation, air sealing, ventilation, and more. For more information on the Home Efficiency Income Qualified Offering and to find out if you qualify, visit or call1.866.838.6918.