A Slave Prayed By DECB, Sr.

Lord, here I am, here I am Lord

Just finished doin’ dis white man’s chores

In his fields gettin’ black, but now restin’ in my shack

Puttin’ grease on my hands and sores

Been out since sunup Lord, singin’ to hide my frown

Workin’ harder when white boss comes around

But sittin’ here now, with my aches and pains

But talkin’ to you makes it not in vain

Ain’t got no woman, for she’s been sold

Another farm here bouts she’s livin’, so I’s told

Just wish, oh Lord, to see her face

And her pretty black body, I’d love to embrace

“Lord,” if you is the “Lord” then make things right

And bring this slave some hope with “Your” mornin’ light

I don’t want to go to his fields no mo

I’s real d*mn tired to doin’ this white man’s chores

Dried beans, and lots of fatback

Is all I ever do gets to eat

And I walk til light with thoughts what’s right

With dust up under dese feet

I eats my meals in low candlelight

But I’s never forgets to say grace

So won’t you Lord, if you is the Lord

Dese burdens from me erase

From Thoughts Out of my Mind