There was a time when old folks spoke

You did not walk away

There was a time when old folks warned

That there would come a day

There were those evenings at sun down

When that day’s work was through

The old folks made a big campfire

And cooked what was called stew

From all the scraps they gathered

They shared what they had then

As children scrambled to their arms

There was this time back when

The old ones did strike up a tune

And all would join and sing along

As hands would clap, tears would fall

Their prayers were in the song

They thanked God for these blessings

Asking God to see to all

That children grew up loving God

To always hear that call

When some old one would call out

This loving stew is almost done

Come sit you down hear old folks speak,

One day pray God, you’re one.

From – Thoughts Out of My Mind 2011