The Wonder of Ashes By DECB, SR.

As I rise from childhood ashes,

Where many took advantage of me.

Rising from a race so displaced,

But coming, so watch, you’ll see,

Me standing in pinnacle of success

Where any who view will know,

Seeing ashes fall from me,

As I reach for a dream and goal.

I’m waking from a nightmare where,

Existing leaves all so drain,

Where many don’t eat, no shoes on feet,

And minds are racked with pain,

With seeing children, wondering why.

This world no feeling, no care,

And All who wonder just like me,

Hope to conquer then share.

With all the children having dreams

Being treated like children of worth,

Not sexually abused, so misused,

But loved while here on earth.

As I rise from where crosses burned

New suites, not sheets are the trend,

Salute the flag, the new bag,

While destroying commissions helping them

Bringing their children through hard times

Hoping nightmares won’t be too bad,

Praying you and me will help them see,

A whole earth of people aren’t mad.

Then all the ashes falling off

Enriching the ground where we grew

And God will bless us once again,

See ashes don’t die, nor you.

From Thoughts Out of My Mind 1986