Life Lessons: Unrest, Uncertainty and Emotion By Latasha Schraeder

In the midst of the current political and social unrest that can be attributed to the racial inequities brought to the forefront by the death of George Floyd, it is imperative that we talk with our children about race relations and the state of our country. In fact, our children might need social and emotional support to process such heavy, complicated emotions. As adults, we might need help processing our realities as well. Do not be afraid to use resources available in the community. There is no shame in asking for help.

It is also a time to talk about activism and how it is an important right afforded to us as part of our citizenship. Use life as a classroom! Do not miss this opportunity – these life lessons are too important. Use this space in time to teach your children about diversity, acceptance, and the intolerable actions taken toward people of color that are indelible scars marking our nation’s history. This is a call to action!

At the end of the day, simply navigating this unprecedented period is a moment in time to model for our children how to successfully manage the things we cannot control. The opportunity for life lessons is endless: finances, health and wellness, politics. I cannot overstate that it is important to allow grace in all things. None of us has encountered a time like this before. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and grow through these experiences. If there is a silver lining, I believe we have all grown over the last few months. We will do the best we can and get through this together.

While I cannot speak for you, I know I am entering July with a feeling of uncertainty and a sense of anticipation blended with sadness. I am actively processing my emotions and encourage you to do the same as we navigate the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Finally, I wish you peace, clarity, and hope.