Kings and Queens ruled in a far away land

Bought to the Americas in a slave caravan

Human bondage omitted from school book facts

Atrocities committed by aristocrats

The stories have been passed down through the grapevine

On the Underground Railroad and over a bottle of wine

NO 40 acres

Great granddaddy was the mule

We don’t have what’s rightfully ours NO Justice is the rule

Listening is an Art that many obviously lack

Regurgitating information without a single fact

The “T A L K” is imperative to avoid the landmines

This conversation addresses all the racial confines

Living in a red line no matter where we go

Divide and conquer

just give them some blow

Progress impeded

Our future as slaves foretold

Our son’s life marked

before he’s 2yrs. Old

Profiled and deprived expecting officials to protect

Still waiting for a Federal Law

to get ‘Knees off our Neck’

Assets taken

families separated to create a void

Poverty today

because yesterday white privilege was annoyed

Foot firmly on our back giving injustice free reign

While seemingly confused by our animosity and distain

A NOOSE hung openly is a clear and present Danger

Swinging in the wind for a year did any ONE inquire

Accepted by onlookers as a victimless prank

Is a conscious choice with ignorance to thank

White privilege is an invisible mask

Civil rights null and void until we’re finally pass:

Who’s watching me when I enter a store

Scrutinized every minute I walk the floor

Incensed when I come not to buy

but look

Tailing me as I ride in my Lincoln

like I’m a crook

Disbelief when my voice doesn’t match my skin

Attacking boys as if they’re grown MEN

Guns drawn handcuffed face down on the ground

You’re free to go wrong man no weapons found

Who’s rubbing their hands together raising interest high

Knowing we must come to them when we’re ready to buy

Who’s claiming neighborhood streets when we go for a run

Vehicles filled with angry men each brandishing a gun

All those complicit and incompetent convict with no appeal

Our forever POTUS forged the path for this ‘New Deal’

Knowledge is food make sure the children are fed

Create a new narrative in their head

I know a graphic artist with the gift of genius

He can draw a line and make it jit between us

A tagger

a con-artist

a pimp on the street


an artist

a stockbroker

CEO with a fleet

The greed for equity fuels the fight for segregation

The means is to manipulate lives through suppression

Equality and justice should not be the spoils of War

But unalienable rights that will open any door

Marching arm in arm knowing where you came from

A Million feet on the ground will change the outcome

There is an urgency


disparities must be addressed

POC embrace your identity we are MORE not less

On both sides of the Pond our Vision reigns true

‘Power to the People’ little Prince ‘Black Lives Matter’ too

Lorna D. (Sansom) Whitfield 4/11/2002 rev. 7/09/2020

Preamble to “Graffiti on the Walls of MY Mind” 509 -3:17