A Toast to the Tomato! Tasty Garden Goodness by Candy Webb

Candy Webb

So many of us are gardeners this year. Some new to the joy of planting and some more seasoned cultivators. When asked what people were growing the most, the overwhelming response was tomatoes! There are just a few short weeks left until those beautiful berries morph into luscious sun-ripened fruits, full of magnificent flavor. If you’re like me, the taste of a big beefy slice on a grilled burger has been on your mind since early spring.

Get ready for more than taste though, these fruits are filled with healthy benefits like lycopene, beta carotene and other antioxidants, plus vitamins C and K, potassium, folate and more. High in fiber, tomatoes aid in heart health, lowering blood pressure, fighting cancer, reducing inflammation and even lowering the risk of sunburn.

Most gardens boast of cute little tomatoes, grape for salads and cherry for sautéing with fresh basil and garlic. Thoughts drift happily to the old-fashioned goodness of the favorite Roma, boiling in jars for canning or simmering to a perfect paste. The Roma’s flavor can always be detected in a sauce, homemade salsa, or simply sliced for a grilled pizza.

These are just a few ideas to delight the senses and taste buds of every eater in the house. For the gardener, usually also the cook, there’s just so much fun to be had! How do you plan to use these classic garden favorites this year?

We’d like to see how you use your tomatoes. Send us your tastiest tomato recipe before July 31, 2020 by entering it on www.tasteofcandy.com. Three top entries will be published in the August, 2020 edition of the Traveler Weekly Newspaper and on the Taste of Candy home page.

Have fun, stay healthy and happy gardening!

Candy Webb is a freelance writer consultant, entrepreneur and owner of Taste of Candy – Communicator of All Things Wonderful.