Reassuring your children with a routine in these unprecedented times By Latasha Schraeder

I trust your family is safe, healthy, and adhering to Governor Pritzker’s stay at home order. As a lifelong educator, the life lessons to these unprecedented times do not escape me. Citizens of the United States and around the globe have been forced into a new, evolving reality, which can cause much uncertainty and related anxieties. As a parent, I wonder how this experience will change the trajectory of my children’s lives who are currently ages 9, 17, and 19. However, I am optimistic the lessons learned during the time will have a positive impact on their adulthood.

Your children will need to be reassured that we will get through this. Routine helps to reduce anxiety. I know many of you are working from home in addition to trying to make sure your children are completing schoolwork remotely. I encourage you to establish a routine. Wake up at the same time each morning, eat a healthy breakfast, complete schoolwork, and chores. It is also important your children continue to read each day. A twenty to thirty-minute reading time each evening will help with setting a routine. I’m finding it hard to juggle my work with coordinating my children’s schedule. We are in this together.