Access to Care Community Health Centers By Michelle D. Sanders Director of Development, Marketing and Engagement

Heartland Health Services is located in Peoria and Tazewell County with 8 locations to date. The corporate office is located in Peoria, to learn more visit Heartland Health Services began in 1991 and has been serving the community for almost 30 years. In February 2004, Heartland Health Services became a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) targeting population with the greatest need for patient services.

Michelle D. Sanders

Heartland’s mission is to “Provide High-Quality Healthcare Accessible to all.” Many people are not sure what Heartland Health Services does for the community. Many people think that Heartland is a nursing home; some think that it is for home health, and lastly, many think that Heartland is owned by OSF Healthcare. Well, although those are great answers but not correct.

Heartland Health Services is a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCHM) and recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Heartland Health Services is an example of how a community health center addresses Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health. The population we serve spans from all ages that lack access to health care and health coverage. We provide care and services to all of those who need healthcare regardless of their ability to pay and have little or no money and are eligible for government assistance programs.

Services offered by Heartland included:

Acute and Chronic Illness Care Childbirth and Parenting Education

Counseling Services Immunizations

Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) Telepsych

Obstetrical Services Telehealth

Ophthalmology Well-child Check-ups

Pediatrics STD Prevention

Diabetes Educators Insurance Health Coverage/Community Resources

Family Planning Services

Behavior Healthcare Services

Centering Pregnancy

Gynecological Care

Heartland Health Services believes in Health Equity and Equality accessible to all. Heartland Health Services accepts monetary, charitable, and volunteer time as contributions to sustain programs and operations.

You can donate by sending your monetary gift to 2214 N. University St. Peoria, IL 61604 or visit or utilize the DONATE button on our website. To speak with someone about a charitable contribution, call Michelle Sanders, Director of Development and Marketing, at 309.680.7621 or email:

Upcoming Charitable event, Lead with Your Heart Charity Golf Tournament, June 26, 2020, at Coyote Creek Golf Club.