From The Ashes We Will Rise By Mark Hollis

Like so many people throughout the world, my family and I have been taken aback by the impact of the COVID 19 Virus outbreak. As a sports editor, it’s difficult to report when every sporting event has been postponed or canceled. Most noted are the suspensions of the NBA season, March Madness, major tennis and golf championships, as well as, the delayed start of Major League Baseball. The National Football League has downsized the spectacle of the 2020 Draft and postponed team OTA’s which would normally take place shortly after the selection process. The delay could possibly throw a wrench into the launch of this year’s season. Stars from every sport can be seen in compromised settings, hunkered down at home just like the rest of us. From Lebron James to Cristiano Rolando, many are taking to the airwaves issuing Public Service Announcements, encouraging people to stay home. It’s apparent that the Coronavirus has paused the world regardless of your station in life. But out of chaos, heroes are born, and one such heroic individual is Dr. Myron Rolle.

Myron Rolle always knew that although football was his passion, there was a higher calling for him beyond the game. A standout defensive back at Florida State University, Myron gained a lot of attention as a pro-prospect. A fierce competitor, Rolle earned All American honors in 2008, and his dream of playing in the NFL was beginning to become a reality. But as life would have it, an amazing opportunity would become available for him that same year. You see, Myron was a finalist for a Rhodes Scholarship, a post-graduate award to study at the prestigious Oxford University in England. He excelled during the interviewing process and was awarded a scholarship. It appeared to Myron that the layers of opportunity were unfolding, and the game of football was beginning to take a back seat.

Myron Rolle made the decision to bypass the NFL Draft in 2009 and study at Oxford University in order to pursue a degree in Medical Anthropology. After a year of studying abroad and receiving his M.S. Degree, he returned and entered the 2010 NFL Draft and was selected in the sixth round by the Tennessee Titans and eventually signed a four-year contract. As expected, Myron gave his all to the game he embraced so passionately. He played for three seasons but then realized that his true calling would direct him to bypass the final year of his contract and enroll in medical school. In 2013, Myron attended Medical School at Florida State University and graduated in 2017. He was accepted by Harvard Medical School and began his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Neurosurgery Medicine.

Which brings us to 2020- Today, Myron is on the frontlines fighting COVID 19, the devastating disease that has grown to pandemic proportions and impacting the lives of people globally. As a doctor, his compassion to care for everyone affected with the virus is commendable. His staunch approach to fight the disease is a throwback to his days playing the game of football—assess the adversary, formulate a game plan, and execute. His focus at this time is predominately providing emergency relief at Massachusetts General Hospital, which has been overwhelmed.

Accolades aside, Myron Rolle would be the first to say that he’s just one of many fighting this disease. And that’s true. But in his case, it is clear to see that his life steps were laid out ahead of him. He was meant to make the life-changing decisions without hesitation, even when they were deemed questionable. Myron is one of many individuals demonstrating heroism in fighting COVID-19, but his story is unique. He could have just played the game of football and eased into retirement, collected his pension, and been financially secure for life. But the sacrifices he made are to be applauded. A true warrior, we are blessed to have him on the team of humanity. There is a song entitled “From The Ashes We Will Rise,” which can easily be applied to Myron Rolle, who has found his purpose.