Carter At Large – Spring Is Eternal By Lorraine B. Carter

As the Coronavirus spreads in most States in our Nation, something else is spreading. That is Her Majesty SPRING! Yes, all around us, plants are sprouting, and the buds on trees and shrubs are forming. Life is coming forth new, fresh, and relentless; it brings the promise of the rainbow and reviews in us the covenant between God and the Earth. The ravages of a mysterious virus can’t stop Her Majesty SPRING; she will come forth no matter the devastation of COVID-19! The beauty of new life forms a heartening contrast between the dark Coronavirus and its evil intent.

The world will survive this scourge, just as we survived all of the other pandemics before this one. Each tribulation saw the spring of earth rise up and cover the ground with beautiful flowers and powerful trees to provide homes for birds and insects. All the things for humans to flourish. Spring brings with it rains and storms to wash away germs and filth, but it also gives us cleanliness and nourishment to make us strong and resilient.

Spring, the Majesty of all the seasons, is just what mankind needs to refresh, dream new dreams, form new relationships, and build on old ones. New ideas are expedited into reality. We will fight against this new threat, and we will win, just as Her Majesty SPRING is eternal!