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2020 Academia: Goal Setting and Continued Growth By Dr. Latasha Schraeder

We are nearing the end of the first semester of this academic year! Second semester is an opportunity to make small changes to your children’s routine if they are learning from home. We are all getting better as we become familiar with the new “normal.” Stay the course. As we take a break from learning and then enter the new year and second semester, please remember attendance is more important this school year than ever before.

Attendance is important, even though we are in a virtual learning environment. I would argue that attendance is more important now than ever since there is less time to be spent with teachers. Take advantage of that time. Each student is working harder than ever before because nothing can replace a traditional classroom.

Remember, academic growth may not occur as quickly as in a traditional school year, but it is important to celebrate small gains and remind ourselves that we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Be realistic. Right now, it is difficult enough to meet our basic needs, such as human interaction and physical activity. Do not burden yourself with unrealistic responsibilities.

Finally, take a real break from technology to spend time with family. In addition to rest, winter break is a time for life lessons about generosity and the less fortunate and to find new ways to give back. Start a new tradition. As a parent, take time for yourself. Fill your cup to be able to have something to pour into your children. Set an example that it is ok to not be engaged twenty-four hours a day. Set boundaries and give yourself credit for being a good parent. You are enough.