Don’t Disturb Your Peace By Katherine Young

The holiday season is soon to be here, and you’ll be inundated with dinners, parties, and of course, sharing gifts. Just thinking about it may make you feel overwhelmed! One important aspect of the holiday season that seems to get lost is this: keep your peace and be present.

Many people feel obligated to buy gifts for family, friends, and even coworkers. If you take time now to create a budget, it’ll be easier for you to not feel like you need to buy more than you have allotted. The holidays are not just for store-bought gifts. Tap into your creative side and consider baking some delicious goodies to share, or if you have a knack at crafts, you may want to consider crocheting blankets, or even creating photo coasters.

With all of the various engagements you will be invited to, be sure to keep your cool. As I’m graced to keep living, I have learned that it is not worth my time or energy to keep being around people who negatively provoke me. This goes for family as well. If you find yourself being around family or other people just because “that’s what you’ve always done,” but your peace is disrupted and you leave feeling bad and regretful, save yourself time and choose your company wisely. Who wants to be consumed with a chaotic holiday season? Not I! And guess what: you deserve some peace too. This may be a big change for you, but it will be one that will help you focus more on cherishing those that cherish you and to enjoy being in the present.

Be in the present. This is another big aspect of keeping your peace. Realizing that we are definitely a technological society, this is a gentle reminder for all of us to not be so focused on our phones and gadgets and actually enjoy being around the ones you love. Be present by putting your phone up and engage in conversation, playing games, or just enjoying one another’s company versus feeling like you’re missing something on social media. Everything does not have to be recorded either in order to “prove” that you have had a good time. Bask in being present.

I hope you have a blessed holiday season!