“PRO’JECT CHANGE” Making a difference throughout our community By Robin Carter

It saddens me as I sit back and reflect on our youth today; the problems they face and some of the things that are happening in the world right now. It saddens me to know that some of our children growing up to be young adults are still lacking a lot of much-needed knowledge and support that’s necessary to remain focused in today’s society. There are many things, both positive and negative, that can keep our children’s attention. But the goal is to help our youth stay positively focused. During middle and high school, they have counselors assigned to help them stay on track with their school work and behavior patterns as well as planning for college. The question is, though, where are the counselors after they graduate out of high school? Our children need a program that will serve as a counseling service that takes place after school, in addition to their in-school counseling. While their parents and other family members may be good mentors, these youths need someone or something else outside of the home to help them remain focused.

Our youth are faced with temptations of the world. Some suffer from peer pressure; others are even in relationships during school terms. They need to know that they have an outlet when problems occur; some place they can go, people they can express their feelings to outside of home and school, of course, with the permission of their parents or guardians. They need to interact with people with good listening skills who are capable of providing good spiritual and sound advice for situations they may be experiencing. Surrounding themselves with those who are dependable and trustworthy can make a positive difference in their lives and prove to them that people care and that they do matter. We need not wait until our young people are being steered in the wrong direction in full gear before we offer our help to them. We must not wait until they need a parole officer or counselor before we reach out to them. So in order to oversee that these kinds of things do not happen or at least lessen the likelihood of it, we at the Assembly of the Church of the Living God International Fellowship will be offering a program to first introduce our youths to Christ, help boost their self esteem, build respect, teach them proper manners, and offer other services to them as needed. We plan to interact with the school systems to discuss our program with the teachers and students. The program is entitled “Pro’ject Change” because this is what we intend to do, project it! We want to present, provide, and promote change in our children’s lives today and every day. We will present a favorable impression that will empower youths to push forward. We will constantly brainstorm into new and different ideas to improve our services and the outcomes. Our goal is to show children that life is good and change is good.

Now we understand that sometimes things in life can and do happen out of our control. We also realize that even while working with all the right tools, sometimes mishaps occur. Life happens. It can happen to the best of us. While we cannot guarantee that while/after utilizing this program, life from that point on will be “peaches and cream.” However, one thing is certain; our sponsors will provide the best services possible to help children from all walks of life to have a new and different outlook on life. But if just by chance they should steer off on the wrong road, having all the right tools of survival, they will have a greater chance of finding a place to turn around before they get too far lost. Our sponsors at the Assembly of the Church of the Living God International Fellowship are skilled, bible oriented Christians. We will be providing faith-based biblical counseling, which will help our children to apply God’s truth to today’s life struggles.

More information regarding hours of operation will be presented very soon. Questions may be forwarded to carterrobin37@yahoo.com.