Conversation with my Sisters By Jai Sturdivant

Whenever my sister girls and I get the chance to have that grown folk conversations, we explore many topics, be it politics, personal, or Street news. Whatever it is, is fair gain for us. We all have opinions, as to how we would solve the problems, but many times we come up with more questions than solutions. The latest conversation was prompted by the public service announcement on our one and only black radio station that asked parents did they know where their kids were, and with whom. Wow, so many memories flooded our minds; Racing home before the street light came on or being in our own yard at dusk. Our Mamas knew where we were, and with whom, because the neighborhood watched out for all of us, and we knew it. Mama had extra eyes watching us. When we went to the movies, mama and daddy knew how we acted, because somebody in that movie theater knew them and had an eye on us. There was no cutting up, cause a word or comment was made to remind you that they knew your family.

We talked about kids raising themselves, and what a major mess that was turning into. This new generation has even stumped the last, and I even heard one millennial say, “what you all gonna do with that generation?”

As our conversation went on, we touched on how our parents raised us. Most of us agreed, when mama or dad sent for the belt, we deserved it. This was not abuse, but last result discipline. They did not enjoy it, but they were enforcing their teachings and expectations regarding you; some siblings learned sooner than others. I have to admit, I was a ring leader. I wished there was such a thing as a time out. It was unheard of to show out in public, and when mama said, keep your hands to yourself, and don’t ask for nothing, she was not joking, playing, or changing her mind. Nowadays, we see kids acting all sorts of ways.

My aunt worked in retail and told us of parents that brought their children in to teach them how to steal, or a tween coming in flashing a gun at her because she made a comment to him. The lack of common respect with which some address each other, is nothing compared to the four and five-letter words they use in other places, even in school. Some of the words that leave those mouths would make a sailor blush. I have seen parents hit, kicked, spit on, and slapped because our society has taken the rights of the parent away, with threats of jail, or removal from the home. Many times our children end up far worse. Who is raising who? When you fear your own child, something is truly wrong.

Isn’t it surprising that for a generation with such a potential for greatness that many would rather not use their God given talents or live up to their full capabilities? These young people are our future, but many do not know how to wrap it up, package, and present it.

Well, after a quiet moment in the room, we all reflected on how does a people so great, fall so far, and how do we stop the decline.

Maybe that is the next conversation with my Sisters.