Gordon-Booth Receives Party Builder Award from the Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, D-Peoria, received the 2019 Party Builder Award from the Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association (IDCCA) August 14th, at the Illinois State Fair.

“I’m incredibly honored to receive the Party Builder Award from the Democratic county chairs in Illinois,” Gordon-Booth said. “In my time as a legislator, I’ve worked to ensure that the Democratic Party represents the diversity of our state and creates positive change for families through sustainable economic growth that leaves no community behind and a smarter approach to criminal justice policy.”

Gordon-Booth was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in 2008, becoming the first African American woman elected to the state legislature from Central Illinois. In January, she became the first black woman to serve as Deputy Majority Leader in the Illinois House. She is also the highest-ranking legislator outside of Chicago.

Gordon-Booth’s legislative tenure has been marked by a dedication to expanding economic opportunity, criminal justice reform, and engaging historically underserved communities in the political process. In the state’s historic 2019 legislative session, Gordon-Booth served as one of the principal negotiators for the largest infrastructure investment program in state history and as a lead negotiator for the state’s legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis. Under Gordon-Booth’s leadership, Illinois became the first state to legalize cannabis through the legislative process and the first to direct investments from legalization into rebuilding communities harmed by the War on Drugs. Gordon-Booth’s legislative career also saw her spearhead a historic preservation tax credit that has led to hundreds of millions of dollars in economic development across the state and a smart on crime approach to criminal justice reform that has reduced over 1,000 mandatory minimum sentences and allowed law enforcement to direct resources towards reducing violent crime.

Gordon-Booth received the 2019 Party Builder Award from the IDCCA along with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Illinois congressman Glenn Poshard. Gordon-Booth resides in Peoria with her husband, Derrick, and children, Chance and Jianna.

“The careers of incredible leaders like Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Poshard are inspirations to me as well as legions of other Democrats and I’m so proud to receive this award alongside them,” Gordon-Booth said. “From education to health care and economic development to criminal justice reform, our careers show that the Democratic Party is uniquely able to address the most pressing problems facing Americans due to the diversity of our party and our willingness to work together to build a stronger future for the middle class.”

Gordon-Booth represents the 92nd District, which includes Bartonville, Bellevue, Peoria, Peoria Heights, and West Peoria.