Have you ever felt like life isn’t treating you fair? Does it sometimes seem that you have more bad luck than good, more bitter days than sweet? I am sure that most of us, if not all are familiar with the phrase, “when life gives you lemons make lemonade.” In most cases, this just might be easier said than done. The truth is, when life gives you lemons, as life sometimes will do, instead of throwing in the towel, we must find a way to cope. The phrase is simply used in hopes to lift someone’s spirit or to encourage optimism and place them in an “I can do all things through Christ” modality in the face of adversity or life’s mishaps. The lemons represent the bitterness or difficulty in life while the lemonade is the result of taking something bad and reversing it to something doable or desirable and positive. Understandably, some of us may not agree with this idiomatic expression. It could cause an uneasy feeling for some; others may refuse to make lemonade or perhaps try to force life to take back the lemons (not accepting the outcome). The point is, life can be hard at times, but we must reach down deep and try to find that inner strength to endure and accept what has happened to us. We should reach out to friends and relatives and try and talk things through. Seek the Lord and ask Him for peace and understanding. Everyone needs help in coping with difficult situations in life. And if we trust in God’s goodness, not only will we get the victory, but we will gain wisdom and knowledge. So if you ever find yourself in a “sour lemon’ situation, try to focus on the good in the bad times and take positive actions accordingly.