It’s OK to Shop Summer Clearance in August By Meicka “J”

How do you feel that summer is almost over? The month of August is always bittersweet; although the weather is still nice, we know summer will be coming to an end soon. We shop in melancholy as we search for items for that final cookout or wedding of the season. Most of the cute summer wear that was full-priced a few months ago is now on clearance. You find yourself torn and undecided on buying clearance items or proceeding to the fall clothing as many stores have begun putting out new merchandise for the upcoming season.

Vacation spots began emptying out for the upcoming season so that final getaway has to be summer wardrobe appropriate. On the bright side, August is typically a three paycheck month for many, so that gives you an excuse to treat yourself to something nice, right? While parents are school shopping, that is a great time to take advantage of sales and summer clearance. In the Midwest, once school starts, you typically have a good 4-6 weeks left of short sleeves and sandals. To get the most bang for your buck, layer those short sleeves with long sleeves. Summer dresses with spaghetti straps can be paired with blazers or cardigans. If it’s too chilly for sandals opt to wear mules or ankle boots. Clothing that can be layered allows you to stretch your summer finds through fall. Don’t get discouraged by colors, just because you may think it’s a summer color think outside the box and pair that neon pink tank top underneath a black blazer or cardigan giving it a “pop” of color. When you see something on clearance, think of how it will look layered or paired and buy it. It’s OK to shop summer clearance in August.