It’s Harvest Time, Plant Your Seeds in Good Soil By Robin Carter

Are you still wondering when that seed you’ve sown is going to start sprouting? You’ve taken it to the Altar and prayed about it many times over and it seems like God is not going to answer. Truth is, if you have made a request to the Lord, He heard you. Now all you have to do is wait. We must understand that God’s timing is nothing similar to our own. To mankind one-hundred years is just that; one-hundred years, but to God it may just be one hour. There is no shadow turning with Him. He is all-seeing, all-knowing and all-showing,

He’s the Almighty. So whether you’re planting seeds of love, finances, healing or just for the harvest itself, be cautious in seeing that the seeds don’t get scattered all over the ground for the birds to eat. You must secure that they are deeply-rooted in good soil so that they will grow plentiful and multiply. While waiting for the crop to grow we must not worry about the weed that may try to intervene during our harvest (The weeds in this parable refers to people or obstacles).

Just keep focusing on growing your faith as the weeds in your harvest will soon be removed. James 5:7 states, be patient therefore brethren until the coming of the Lord. For the farmers yet waits for the precious fruit of the earth. He is patient about it until it receives the early and the late rain. We must also be patient and establish our hearts for the coming of the Lord is at hand. Those who remain steadfast are considered blessed. Stay blessed in all the fields, for in due time, God will bless your coming in and your going out. Those annoying weeds growing in your fields will soon be pulled up and burned. In the meantime, keep planting your seeds deeply into the good soil so that when the rain comes they will not be up-rooted.