Spring Fashion starts at home By Meicka “J”

As the warmer weather approaches building your wardrobe with style and versatility keeps your wardrobe looking fresh. Cardigans, vest, and lightweight jackets will add spice to any outfit. I’m in favor of accessorizing lightweight scarves with crew neck tops. Now is a great time to stock up on those cute sandals you passed by the other day.

As warmer weather approaches us those cute sandals you passed up will become a regretful feeling. As we currently are in a shopping desert, many look to the few stores that are available in the area. JC Penney, Gordman’s, Kohls, Ross, Target, TJ Maxx, and Torrid are a few stores left in the area to browse for new arrivals. Forever 21, is due to arrive at the Northwoods Mall this spring. An exact date has not been announced yet.

Play around in your closet with current pieces and mix and match floral prints with leopard & stripes. Remember those jeans you have tucked away that you don’t wear anymore? Cut holes in the knee and distress them and pair with a white tee-shirt and blazer or leather jacket with a baseball cap. The “all black” that you are currently bored with, pair with a bright-colored cardigan or denim jacket. Before shopping for new items do an inventory of what you already have and what you need and prioritize needs vs. wants.