Refocus: There is Still Time By Latasha Schraeder

As the third quarter comes to a close, the end of the academic year is in full swing. As a parent and educator, I begin to think about how to finish the academic year strong. What skills will students be expected to have when we end the school year? Which lessons have been learned this year – what do I know about my students and my children? Are my students stronger in one subject than another? How can I capitalize on those strengths? How do I address the opportunities for improvement?

While it may seem the majority of schools days are behind us that is not reality. Granted, spring brings standardized tests and spring break. Both consume nearly two full weeks’ worth of school days. Surprisingly, approximately seventy-five school days or forty percent of school days remain. There is still time for much progress to be made! Don’t allow your children to get comfortable and start to operate on auto pilot. A significant amount of learning is still possible. Cheer your children on! Challenge them to be great! Speak with their teachers to ask them to inform you if they sense a lack of urgency at school.

In my mind, March is a pivotal month of the academic year. I want to reiterate that it is never too late to recommit to working toward academic goals. If the first two quarters did not go as planned, the third quarter is an opportunity for your children to refocus and remind themselves of the goals set in the fall. I challenge you to find new ways to keep your children inspired. We have come too far to give up on trying to reach our goals now. Let’s do this!

Be your child’s fiercest advocate.